The Casey Report and the Metropolitan Police

The Casey Report is a watershed moment for London’s Metropolitan Police.

The clear and systemic failings that have been identified require urgent action. Confidence and trust has been lost. Too many people have been let down. And women and girls have not felt safe.

There are thousands of police officers and staff in the Metropolitan Police still going out onto the streets of the capital today doing their best to keep the public safe, support victims and tackle crime. Their good service must continue to be recognised. They will be feeling let down by the actions of their colleagues too.

However, too many people will recognise the behaviours and failures identified in the report, whether it is the toxic attitudes, criminal activity, defensiveness or institutional arrogance demonstrated by too many.

The Commissioner is doing the right thing in taking these findings forward and using them as a catalyst for reform. We all need policing in London to succeed and Sir Mark must be given the opportunity to deliver it. 

If the change doesn’t follow, then the Force should be broken up and restructured. There are functions that perhaps they don’t need to perform that could be delivered by others, whether it be national operations, support services or commercial activity.

Outside of London, this report is a time for us all to reflect, to be sure that our vetting and standards continue to be rigorous, we root out corrupt and criminal individuals and the response to and investigation of crime and antisocial behaviour gives the public confidence.

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