When I got on my bike to see roads from another perspective

Really enjoyed going for a ride around #Maidstone with the members of San Ferry Ann Cycling Club and Maidstone Cycling Campaign Forum today. Must admit I was very out of practice on the bike but managed a decent route!

It was definitely interesting to see the town’s road and cycle network from a different perspective, especially as I’ve not been a regular on my bike for many years.

Observations? It was quiet out for Maidstone and we took a very varied route in terms in terms of cycle space. But there were good levels of courtesy; people respected one another.

I will say of course a big I KNOW THIS IS NOT ALWAYS THE CASE. A few impatient souls who thought their journey was more important than ours.

Signage and markings could be clearer and refreshed. There’s some videos to come soon but it was definitely a worthwhile and enjoyable afternoon.

Preventing road danger and supporting the Vision Zero strategy has been made a priority for Kent Police in my new Plan so I will be keenly holding all agencies to account on this.

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