The Angiolini review of deaths in Police custody

My letter to The Guardian was published this week following the report by Dame Elis Angiolini on deaths in Police custody.

Since 1990, there have been over 1,000 families impacted by a death in police custody. The Elish Angiolini review of deaths and serious incidents in police custody provides another look at a longstanding and critical challenge to faith in the criminal justice system. The review highlights what police and crime commissioners (PCCs) can and are doing to address some of the concerns raised. For example, independent custody visitor schemes ensure higher standards of welfare for detainees in custody. PCCs are also investing in body-worn video cameras, and by the end of the year 60,000 will be on the frontline.

The review confirms the belief of PCCs that the government’s partial ban on the use of police custody for those suffering a mental health crisis should be outright. However, it remains vital that the NHS and local authorities work to provide suitable alternative facilities for those who are detained.

Matthew Scott
Kent police and crime commissioner

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