Today, I’ve launched my Budget plan for Kent Police that will see police numbers rise to […]
The Government has today published "Reforming the Mental Health Act".
The surge in demand for mental health services has been another consequence of the pandemic that the country faces.
With members of my own family serving in the Police, assaults on Officers, Staff and Volunteers […]
A report appeared over the weekend, showing that a quarter of crime victims living in rural communities were not reporting crime because they had little faith in the Police solving them.
I’ve committed to helping all types of businesses in our county, because it is important that […]
British wrestling has had a boom in recent years. There has been a steady growth in […]
The tragedy and disruption brought about by Covid-19 has torn through all aspects of everyday life. […]
I wholly support the proposal announced by our Home Secretary, Rt Hon Priti Patel MP, to […]
It’s abhorrent that 23 Kent Police Officers are assaulted every week. They go in to every […]
Here’s my video message for Mental Health Awareness Week.
Let’s start with the acknowledgement of the good news – Kent Police have been deemed “outstanding” […]
I’m delighted that the Independent Review of the Mental Health Act has recommended what Police and […]
Following my recent blog, the inspectorate of Constabularies has now published their report into mental health […]
Tomorrow, Parliament debates much needed legislation to give response drivers the protection they need in law. […]
The Protect the Protectors Act (or the Assaults on Emergency Workers (Offences) Act 2018 to give […]
Earlier today, I tweeted a graph that was displayed at the Annual NPCC and APCC Partnership […]
In response to scrutiny, police forces up and down the country have been improving how they […]
Police performance has been in the spotlight consistently in recent months. Death on the streets of […]
The shopping centre manager walked towards me with an urgency that you don’t often see. I […]
PCCs are elected to hold Chief Constable to account, set the Budget and council tax precept, […]
My letter to The Guardian was published this week following the report by Dame Elis Angiolini […]
Last year, Dr Rick Muir of the Police Foundation said that “PCCs have unlocked innovation in […]
Just over a year ago, I wrote for this site about the substantial challenges that police […]
A policy paper first written for the Parliament Street Joseph Chamberlain Policy Centre on the need […]
Today, the Police and Crime Act received Royal Assent and therefore becomes law, bringing with it […]
Responding to mental health incidents is a substantial issue and there will always be times where […]

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