Why I’m voting for Rishi Sunak

As ballots begin to arrive for the Conservative Party leadership contest, I have been carefully considering which of the two candidates to vote for.

In the past two weeks I have had two engagements with each campaign – I joined a group call with Liz Truss and have briefly spoken to her campaign team; I also met Rishi on a group call and spoke to him personally when he visited Sevenoaks with local MP Laura Trott.

And having considered what I have heard from both, I have decided that I will be voting for Rishi Sunak.

I believe that he will be best for policing. As Chancellor, he provided the funding for the 20,000 new Police Officers and extra help for victims of crime. Programmes such as Safer Streets and BlueLight Commercial have been made possible. He speaks passionately about tackling violence against women and girls and child grooming gangs.

I was particularly impressed with his tough stance about drugs, which includes enforcement, making funding available for better treatment programmes and earlier intervention. I am planning to do some work about drugs, so this is a welcome position.

Where ideas have been suggested, such as making police funding fairer, giving PCCs more responsibility and tackling the backlog in our courts, I believe he is the most willing and able to make these happen. And he has allayed my fears about reductions in police funding going forward.

I have always believed in positive campaigning, so I will only set out the reasons why I will be voting for Rishi. I do hope, with five more weeks left of this campaign that we can focus on policy and ideas.