665 more police 

Matthew has helped recruit more police officers since 2016

crime is falling

Crime was down 5% before the pandemic, and more since.

ASB in focus

More PCSOs recruited to crack down on antisocial behaviour

more crimes solved

Greater focus has led to more arrests, charges and solves.

About Matthew

A crime fighter and a voice for victims

Matthew has served as Kent’s Police and Crime Commissioner since May 2016. He lives in Swanley with his wife and two children. Matthew’s focus has been on making Kent safer, through recruiting more Police and PCSOs and focussing on what matters to residents. From a policing family, he understands what Officers and Staff need – and with experience as a councillor, school Governor and in other community roles, can speak up for our neighbourhoods.

Why you should re-elect Matthew

Matthew has a strong track record of delivering real and lasting action not just in Kent but on the national stage

more police, falling crime

Matthew’s campaign of police recruitment and backing our PCSOs has led to crime and antisocial behaviour falling before the pandemic

mental health reform

Matthew is an active mental health campaigner. He has advised Government on reform of mental health, policing and custody and secured legislative reform

a leader in business

Matthew was fundamental in the set up of Bluelight Commercial, a national company responsible for £1.5bn of procurement. He now Chairs the company board.

Latest news from my blog

Updates from Matthew

Today, I’ve launched my Budget plan for Kent Police that will see police numbers rise to 3970 by March 2022.
The Government has today published "Reforming the Mental Health Act".
The surge in demand for mental health services has been another consequence of the pandemic that the country faces.