Reform, Restore, Respect

Francis Osei-Appiah tells the story of how within 18 months, he was groomed by a London gang and ended up with a nine year prison sentence. His tale describes the methods they used to get him involved and how quickly…

The Conservative Leadership One

In this episode, I talk about policing and the Conservative Party’s Leadership contest and positive news in the mental health and policing sphere, and I also answer your questions. Send me your questions via for the next episode. All…

Your Questions Answered

I recently invited you to submit questions to me for answer on YouTube and on the podcast! Here’s my comments on PCSO powers, thefts, Brexit, Speedwatch and recruitment.

Mental Health and Policing

For the first time, I’ve collated as much of the work I have done on mental health and policing as possible in to one place. This includes countless articles, videos, blogs and press releases, which you’ll see as you scroll…

The Rotary One

In Episode 18, I talk about holding Kent Police to account, raise Speedwatch with the Chief Constable and visit Rotary Radio UK for a chat about my role. Podcast Player Links Apple YouTube Spotify (coming soon) Acast Pocketcasts Stitcher TuneIn…

Holding to account

A key responsibility of a Police and Crime Commissioner is holding the Chief Constable to account – but what does that mean in practice?

Policing and the next PM

Elected Police and Crime Commissioners were introduced to make our communities safer. We are a voice for victims, the vulnerable and the voiceless, and champions for the residents, businesses and communities that we represent.

Supporting local business

Thank you to Network Kent for allowing me to speak to your small business members this morning about my role as a PCC and how I’m making sure that the needs of business are being met in policing and community…

Brexit and Kent’s roads

I’ve been meeting with Ministers from the Department for Transport and others to make sure our roads flow smoothly after we leave the European Union, and that Kent council taxpayers aren’t footing the bill.

Dementia Training event

West Kent’s emergency services come together for a joint training event to learn more about supporting people living with dementia and their families.