The Violence Reduction Challenge is my response to the emerging issues we are seeing nationwide with crime, whether it be county lines, gangs, drugs, domestic abuse, sexual violence and public order.

I’ve brought together organisations from across Kent’s public and voluntary sectors to look at the causes of violence and propose long term, meaningful solutions to the problems.

With an overall mission of preventing harm by the most violent to the most vulnerable, it also acknowledges that violent crime is a very diverse crime type with 55 categories, which includes everything from pushing and shoving to malicious communications, as well as stalking, rape and murder.

Today’s meeting in Canterbury was of my advisory panel, which includes Policing, fire, health and councils, along with victims services, charities, rehabilitation and people who deliver training and awareness.

We had detailed discussions about prevention, engagement, victims’ needs and rehabilitation today, which was a great insight to the different perspectives held across different sectors.

There is also work going on in the background to look at violent crime data which I will be taking to the next meeting in Medway.

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