The surge in demand for mental health services has been another consequence of the pandemic that the country faces.
The tragedy and disruption brought about by Covid-19 has torn through all aspects of everyday life. […]
Here’s my video message for Mental Health Awareness Week.
I’m delighted that the Independent Review of the Mental Health Act has recommended what Police and […]
Following my recent blog, the inspectorate of Constabularies has now published their report into mental health […]
Earlier today, I tweeted a graph that was displayed at the Annual NPCC and APCC Partnership […]
The shopping centre manager walked towards me with an urgency that you don’t often see. I […]
My letter to The Guardian was published this week following the report by Dame Elis Angiolini […]
Just over a year ago, I wrote for this site about the substantial challenges that police […]
A policy paper first written for the Parliament Street Joseph Chamberlain Policy Centre on the need […]
Today, the Police and Crime Act received Royal Assent and therefore becomes law, bringing with it […]
Responding to mental health incidents is a substantial issue and there will always be times where […]

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