I stopped at Maidstone services recently during one of my cross county journeys recently when I bumped into a couple of Kent’s Roads Policing Officers. It was great to hear that they were supportive of the action being taken to boost the number of Officers working within the unit and the difference that it was making.

Roads Policing has always been on my agenda – the consequences drink and drug driving, speeding, using mobile phones, not wearing a seat belt, tailgating and the deaths and serious injuries on our roads have a lasting impact on families and communities. But other issues such as inconsiderate parking on pavements, obstructions, close passing of cyclists and speeding are also being felt in our residential streets too.

I’ve made sure that roads Policing is a priority for Kent Police and I hold the Chief Constable to account for delivering against this. Here’s a summary of some of the actions that have been taken in order to make our roads even safer:

  • More roads Policing Officers: There are now nearly 100 Officers dedicated to this role, an increase in recent years.
  • A new road safety unit: A dedicated team who educate drivers and enforce against the main fatal five offences taking place on our roads.
  • Police and Crime Plan: Effective roads Policing is an aspiration I have set for the Chief Constable to deliver as part of my Kent priorities.
  • Investing in Speedwatch: I have this great initiative £25,000, raised from the sale of seized vehicles.
  • Valuing volunteers: The Chief Constable now reports to me quarterly and publicly on the data that Speedwatch collects and what action is taken by Kent Police as a result.
  • Supporting Brake: My office helps fund the work done by national road safety charity Brake to support families and campaign on relevant issues.
  • Safer Roads Partnership: my office works with all of the statutory agencies to help make our roads safer.
  • Backed trained Officers: I’ve supported a change in the law to give our response drivers greater legal protection during pursuits, which has been lacking in the past.
  • Effective speed camera deployment: I’ve called for the use of Speedwatch data to be considered when making decision on speed camera placements, and Kent Police is already using this data to do targeted action.
  • Licence to Kill: Through my funding to community safety partnerships, I support the talks on safe driving to school children.
  • Operation Tramline: I’ve been out on enforcement days with our roads Policing unit taking action against people using their mobiles at the wheels.
  • Protecting vulnerable road users: By making it a priority in my Police and Crime Plan, I’ve called for Kent Police to consider more action against inconsiderate and obstructive parking practices, in partnership with local councils.
  • More PCSO powers: As part of the review I secured, Kent Police is looking at giving PCSOs powers to enforce parking outside schools.

How can I help further? Email me using contactyourpcc@pcc.kent.pnn.police.uk

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