My decision to boost the recruitment of Police Officers in Kent is starting to make a difference. Last week, we got confirmation from the Home Office that in Kent, I boosted Police numbers by more than any other in the whole country.

Every Monday, I meet with the Chief Constable to talk about local policing issues, raise matters on behalf of residents, get an update on assaults against Police Officers and a bespoke briefing on strategic issues.

Today’s update was on the use of some of those extra Police Officers that you have funded.

A Chief Constable’s Crime Squad has been created to tackle burglary, robbery, violence and repeat offenders. Teams based in each of Kent’s three policing divisions work together to get criminals off of our streets and give victims even better support.

The Crime Squad started just twenty weeks ago, but they are making a big difference. They’ve had over 500 positive outcomes, including charges, from over 150 arrests.

So far, and with many cases still progressing, prison sentences equivalent to 86 years have been secured.

The extra resource being put into the Crime Squad is giving Kent Police the ability to bring more people to justice and more quickly. Crucially, it is having an impact on reducing criminality in local communities.

Following my decision to boost recruitment by another 180 Officers this year, this team will be expanded.

Well done to all the Officers and Staff involved in this early success.

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