Matthew proposes a national taser rollout

It’s abhorrent that 23 Kent Police Officers are assaulted every week. They go in to every shift to keep us safe, but they shouldn’t have to go through physical injury and mental ill health as a result.

Five months ago, I agreed to our Chief Constable’s funding request of £1million so that he could roll taser out to every frontline Officer who wants one. That training begins very soon, and he continues to update me on issues relating to assaults and welfare.

Matthew speaking to new recruits

I’m therefore pleased to see today that more Forces are doing the same and rolling taser out to every Officer. But we need to ensure that finance is not a barrier to PCCs and Chiefs who wish to follow suit.

As I said to the Prime Minister two weeks ago, and have called for before, I believe that the Home Office should Fund a national roll out, so that every Officer in the UK can be trained to have one if they want one.

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