I’m part of a cross party Brexit working group of PCCs that has been looking at the impact on policing and security; working with Police Chiefs and others to make sure that plans are in place for whatever the outcome is after 29 March.

This has included working with other criminal justice agencies and the Home Office to see what challenges are ahead, scrutinise contingency planning and lobby Ministers for the support that Policing needs.

Representing Kent, this is doubly important work, as there has been much focus on our infrastructure and what that could mean with or without a deal.

This afternoon, my PCC colleagues Willy Bach, Martyn Underhill and myself were in Westminster to meet Home Secretary Sajid Javid to continue those discussions. We talked about financial support, access to information sharing and police powers as well as funding and Officer welfare.

Kent has already received funding for Brexit contingency planning and I hope that following representations made today and by other means that we will be able to ensure that any possible national problems that manifest themselves in Kent aren’t being paid for by Kent council tax payers.

Definitely an interesting day to bump into some Kent MPs too!

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