Policing and the next PM

Elected Police and Crime Commissioners were introduced to make our communities safer. We are a voice for victims, the vulnerable and the voiceless, and champions for the residents, businesses and communities that we represent.

We set the priorities for our Police Force area and hold Chief Constables to account for delivering against them. Council tax levels are determined by PCCs when we set the overall budget. PCCs are funded to offer help to victims of crime. We work with councils, community groups and others to prevent crime from happening in the first place.

And our group of Conservative PCCs are making a difference locally, whether it be on recruitment, technology, efficiency, victims services, tackling violence, transparency, accountability and many other issues.

In the last ten years, the Policing landscape has changed dramatically, with higher demand, including from calls involving mental health, changes in crime and the complexity of cases, and reduced resources. The next spending review will be crucial to us all in providing our residents with the service that they rightly expect.

The views of the Conservative Party’s candidates to be its next leader are vital because they will also be the Prime Minister, and therefore in a position to implement them. This post will track the views as they are made public.

Please note that none of the links below constitutes an endorsement!

Sajid Javid: “We can’t go on like this” – Sajid Javid vows to recruit 20,000 extra Police in his bid to become Prime Minister


Esther McVey: Esther McVey makes move to outflank Tory leadership rival Sajid Javid with police pledge


Dominic Raab: Section from his manifesto

Boris Johnson: Boris Johnson launches Tory leadership bid with pledge to cut taxes, boost police numbers and up school spending


Andrea Leadsom: Tory leadership hopeful Andrea Leadsom warns the rising tide of violent crime has left Britons ‘scared to go out after dark’


Is there one I’ve missed? Email me – pcc@matthewscott.org.uk.


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