Kent Police Training College hosted one of the largest passing out parades in its history today – as over 243 student Constables came together to celebrate the graduation of Class 4 of 2018.

43 of the Officers marked then end of 19 weeks of initial training; from here they go out into local areas for investigatory training and supervision. They’ll have learnt over 200 pieces of legislation and been taught about a variety of other scenarios and situations.

Coming up behind them in training school are two hundred more as Kent Police strives to meet my recruitment goal of 200 extra Officers by March. I’m pleased to say that thanks to the efforts of Officers and Staff, who were also recognised today, I am confident we should reach this goal.

This is being made possibly by YOUR council tax. This boost in Police Numbers is being paid for by your extra £1 a month contributions. Whilst Kent Police saves £9.7m this year, and I trim back the costs of my Office, I am able to plough your cash into extra boots on the ground. And all of this with a freeze in government funding.

Police funding is a vitally important issue that I’m pleased to say Kent MPs are supporting me on. I was pleased to welcome Kelly Tolhurst and Tracey Crouch to the event today to see the new recruits going to their constituencies.

Good luck to all the new Officers on their graduation, stay safe, and I look forward to seeing you all out on the streets of Kent!

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