Residents across Kent are being encouraged to have their say on policing and road safety.

The Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Scott is supporting a national survey, the results of which will help shape the future of traffic law enforcement nationwide.

Mr Scott said: ‘The Government is keen to hear the public’s views on existing measures like policing, speed cameras, and fines.

‘Kent has the longest Strategic Road Network in the country but also hundreds of miles of rural lanes and busy town centre streets. The more people from our county who complete the survey, the more reliable and legitimate the findings will be.’

The PCC added: ‘During my time in office I have raised additional money for Kent Police in order for the force to create a new Road Safety Team. I have invested in Speedwatch and backed calls for their data to be used to help determine where speed cameras are placed. Also I continue to fund charities like Brake which support victims, and initiatives like the Licence To Kill workshops which educate young people about speeding and drink- and drug-driving.

‘But still road safety remains one of the issues residents contact me about most often so I know how important it remains to people across Kent. Don’t miss this chance to tell the Government what you think works and what doesn’t.’

The survey is available online, and closes on Wednesday 30 September. It has been put together by the national Association of Police and Crime Commissioners.

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Mrs Ruth Wilson · September 6, 2020 at 7:17 pm

I think a 20mph limit through villages would be safer for all.

Brian Clark · September 7, 2020 at 5:57 am

We have been campaigning KCC for ten years to install a pavement and speeding restrictions in Highsted Road in Sittingbourne. For about 50 Yards there is no pavement on a very busy road. The road borders a school so during peak time children and pedestrians have to walk on the carriageway. KCC have admitted that there is no alternative but to walk around about a mile to avoid the dangerous part of the road, this totally unrealistic. It’s only a matter of time before there is a serious accident in this part of the road. KCC need to be proactive and not reactive by saying, there hasn’t been any accidents at this point in the road therefore no funding is available for the project. According to KCC they estimate it will cost around £30000 to install a pavement. One doesn’t have to be very cleaver to see the risk that pedestrians take on a daily basis, KCC don’t seem to understand how dangerous the road is by putting funding over safety.

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