I have been allocated an extra £624,000 to distribute to organisations who support victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence in Kent.

Charities and other eligible groups are now being invited to bid into this pot of money, by 29 May.

The Covid-19 outbreak has had a severe impact on local charities. Many of their normal fundraising activities are having to be cancelled at a time when more people staying at home means more vulnerable people at risk of abuse.

The Government has recognised that local support services need extra support themselves right now and I am delighted to have been granted more than £600,000 for Kent. I strongly urge local groups, whether already receiving funding from my office or not, to complete the application form on our website.

The £624,000 will be divided among three types of support services:

Domestic abuse services I already commission: £312,000

Domestic abuse services not currently commissioned by me: £156,000

Sexual violence services, whether already commissioned by my Office or not: £156,000

For more information, or to make an application for funding, visit https://www.kent-pcc.gov.uk/news-menu/press-releases/2020/covid-19-money-available-to-support-domestic-abuse-and-sexual-violence-charities/

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