Crime continued to fall in Kent before the lockdown began.

Figures published for the year ending March 2020 showed a 5% fall in police recorded crime – following reductions in the previous two quarters too.

The figures show that the investment in extra Officers and Staff is working, as burglary fell by 13%, and knife crime fell 24%.

In addition, crimes that rise statistically when the police are proactive, such as possession offences, confirm that targeted action by Kent Police is getting more drugs and weapons off the street.

The Office of National Statistics noted that today’s figures are largely unaffected by Covid-19 as they mainly relate to the period prior to lockdown (April 2019 to March 2020).

The figures for the next quarter will show drastic falls in many areas due to the impact of lockdown – but this shows that we were on the right track before the outbreak.

My recruitment of 524 more Police – and another 405 to come in future years – as well as investment in Staff, prevention and education is making a real difference.

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