No police taser review required

I spoke with BBC Radio Kent yesterday to oppose renewed challenges to taser. They are important pieces of kit that help protect Police Officers and the public. There’s robust training and effective scrutiny locally. I supported Kent Police’s Chief Constable to roll them out to every frontline Officer who wants Read more…

COVID-19: blog five

I begin this report having just completed a 128-person Video Conference Call – I spoke to Kent Police Senior Leaders about the current situation and how my team and I have been working with Chief Officers in recent weeks. It was a good opportunity to pass on my best wishes to all of them and their teams, although via a different method than in the past.


COVID-19: blog three

Figures for the numbers of fixed penalty notices issued by the Police for breaches of the guidance on COVID-19 were published this week and they show that broadly, the system is working, in that: People are adhering to the guidance; Police interaction with the public has meant compliance; and Fixed Read more…