In this post, I’m bringing together all of the featured articles about my work on Brexit, both standing up for the people of Kent and making sure that national law enforcement bodies’ views are heard as the Conservative Party spokesman for PCCs.

27th September 2018

Preparing for No Deal
18th September 2018

Policing needs to consider every eventuality in the event of a ‘no deal’ Brexit and that is why it is important that the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) have approved operational and contingency plans along with the National Crime Agency (NCA).

Both UK and EU justice agencies, and member states, want to carry on working together after Brexit. The right deal for everyone needs to be agreed as soon as possible. In August the APCC Brexit cross-party working group sent a letter to the Home Secretary stressing that security should be prioritised in the ongoing negotiations.

PCCs have an important role, not only in reflecting the concerns of our communities but in ensuring that there is strategic and financial oversight of the process. Therefore, we will continue to work with the Government, NCA and the NPCC to ensure that our priorities are reflected.

Locally, PCCs will also be engaging with their Chief Constables to ensure forces have whatever resources they need. However, as the NPCC state, there is no intelligence to suggest increased disorder or crime as a result of a no-deal Brexit.

Sunday Times
18th September 2018

“Kent police has begun the “biggest recruitment drive in a generation” as it steps up its preparations for Brexit. Kent’s police and crime commissioner, Matthew Scott, told The Sunday Times that by March 2019 the force will have 270 more officers than when he was elected in May 2016.”

Full story: Link

PBS Newshour (America)
17th August 2018

Channel 4 News
7th August 2018

“Police and Crime Commissioners have written to the Home Secretary warning that a no-deal Brexit could pose a substantial risk to public safety.

“Their letter warns that officers could face a “significant loss of operational capacity” if Britain crashes out of the EU next March without a deal. It also urged the Home Office to spell out its contingency plans.

“We spoke to two signatories of the letter: Lord Bach, the Leicestershire Police and Crime Commissioner, and Matthew Scott, the Commissioner for Kent.”

Full story on Channel 4 News: Link to five minute debate

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