My Police budget proposal for next year will see Kent Police Officer numbers rise above 3,800.

Kent Police Officers, Staff and volunteers are doing difficult and dangerous things to help keep us safe on a daily basis. And I want to back them with the extra resources they need to get the job done.

Over the last four years, I’ve helped increase Police numbers by 450, protected 300 PCSO posts, made it easier to report crime, improved victims services and helped Kent Police bring back cadets. They’re now the best rated Police Force by independent inspectors.

And whilst crime is starting to fall again, there’s more that needs to be done to keep our streets safe.

That’s why today, I’ve announced the recruitment of 181 more Police Officers, 36 more PCSOs and 100 Police Staff to prevent crime and antisocial behaviour, tackle violence and be more visible on our streets.

They will be focused on county lines, crime prevention, visibility, schools, investigations and vulnerability.

This will be funded by some welcomed extra investment from the Home Secretary, Priti Patel, and an increase in the council tax precept of £10 per year, or 83p per month.

As a result, Police numbers rise to 3,813 in 2021, up from 3,181 in 2016 when I was elected, and 3,787 in 2010. Further funding is expected from the Home Office in future years as we deliver on the promise to deliver 20,000 more Officers nationally – reaching 4,100 Cops in Kent by 2023.

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